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  “To be the first choice for critical purification and separation applications
through innovation and value maximization”

Advanced Microdevices (mdi) is a leader in innovative membrane technologies. Starting from a single person R&D operation in 1976, mdi has developed into a dedicated team of 450 personnel with more than 15000 products.

The company’s core competence is its ability to develop new membrane technologies and innovate existing ones to deliver customer benefits high end purification and separation applications in a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, hospitals and immunodiagnostics.

As membranes end up being incorporated into user friendly devices, plastic design and moulding and sealing technologies become an integral part of the chain to deliver value to the customer. Realizing this, mdi has grown into a vertically integrated company that helps deliver prototypes rapidly for quicker movement of products to the market.

mdi products are used for sterilization of injectable drugs, for sterility testing, for sample preparation of drugs that are tested with highly sophisticated instrumentation, for development of new drugs, for making reliable immunoassays for testing of diseases at patient bedside. These are all very critical applications and the industries are highly regulated. To meet the expected standards, mdi produces the products in well maintained, modern GMP facilities under ISO 9001:2008, certified systems with the help of highly trained manpower. Separate QC and QA departments assure the maintenance of standards. mdi produces products that meet or exceed industry standards and some products are recognized as the best in industry all over the world.

mdi has a strong pipeline of new products constantly being developed in its well equipped R&D labs.
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