Rapid Diagnostics

Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) are diagnostic assays designed for use at the point-of-care (POC), and can be adapted for use in low-resource settings. These tests are accurate, cost effective, simple to perform, and do not require expertise to perform the tests.

More than a billion of rapid immunoassays are produced today every year. They can be categorized into following group:

  Lateral-Flow Tests (Immunochromatography)
  Flow-Through Tests (Immunofiltration)
  Dot-Blot (Immunodiffusion)
Strong R&D capabilities have propelled mdi to the position of technology leader in immunodiagnostics membranes and materials worldwide. mdi produces the most consistent Nitrocellulose membrane for Rapid Immunodiagnostic and blood separation materials and devices:
  Blood Separation Membranes
  Blood Separation Devices
mdi also offers high precision sophisticated machines for production such as:

  Programmable Strip Cutter
  Automatic Reagent Dispenser                            

mdi also offer various kits and equipments for laboratory scale purpose as:
  Starter Kits
  Easy Printer



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