Immunochromatography (Lateral Flow Test Components)
  • NC Membrane
  • Sample Pad
  • Conjugate Pad
  • Absorbent Pad
  • Membrane Laminates
  • miscellaneous
  Part Number Unique Feature Data sheet
  CNPF Lower Protein Binding
  CNPC Higher Protein Binding
  CNPH-N Highest Protein Binding


  Part Number Application Data sheet
  GFB-R4 With minimal additives, allowing a user
to include additives as per requirement
  GFB-R7 With buffers and detergents


  Type Application Data sheet
  PT-R1 Includes blocking agents
  PT-R5 Incorporates minimal additives. User may
include additives as per requirement
  PT-R6 Includes buffers and detergents to
maintain sample pH
  PT-R7 Includes buffers for uniform movement
of gold
  Type Thickness Application Data sheet
  AP045 0.40 mm Dipstick Tests
  AP080 0.90 mm Device Tests
  AP110 1.10 mm Device Tests
  AP120 1.40 mm Device Tests
  Type Description Data sheet
  Laminate Type L-P25 Laminate with 250µm PVC
  Laminate Type L-H50 Laminate with 500µm HIPS
  Laminate Type CNP*-L2-P25 Laminate with NC Membrane on 250 µm PVC
  Laminate Type CNP*-L2-H50 Laminate with NC Membrane on 500 µm HIPS PVC
  Laminate Type CNP*-L3-P25 Laminate with NC Membrane on 250 µm PVC and Absorbent Pads
  Laminate Type CNP*-L3-H50 Laminate with NC Membrane on 500 µm HIPS and Absorbent Pads
Cover Tapes
  Type Applications Data sheet
  Masking Tape MT1 and MT2 These are used on the absorbent pad (MT1), and sample pad (MT2) sides of the test strip.
  Clear Tape CT Clear transparent tapes cover the NC membrane. These are required specially to reduce the effect of sample evaporation when serum tests are run in hot weather.
Plastic Cassettes
  Type Description Data sheet
  Device 1 4 mm plastic cassette
  Device 2 Special 5 mm cassette with 2 holes for whole blood tests and tests requiring additional clearing buffer
  Device 3 5 mm plastic cassette
  Device 4 8 mm plastic cassette
  Device 5 3 mm plastic cassette
  Device 9 5 mm plastic cassette with extra space between sample hole and window. Suitable for whole blood tests
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