Immunofiltration (Flow Through Tests)
  • Flow Through Membrane
  • Absorbent Pads
  • Plastic Housing
  Part Number Applications Data sheet
  CLW-040, 0.3μm/ 0.45µm/ 0.8µm HIV 1 and 2, HCV, other antibody tests, Microbial
detection kit
  CNJ, 0.45µm Quantitative protein detection systems
  Part Number Applications Data sheet
  AP045 Dipstick Tests
  AP080 Device Tests
  AP110 Device Tests
  AP120 Device Tests
  Type Description Data sheet
  FT-12 with PF-12 Flow Through Device with Pre-Filter Funnel
  FT-12 with F-5 Flow Through Device with Flow Director Funnel
  PF-12 Pre-Filter Funnel
  F-5 Flow Director Funnel


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