Product Name: Blood Separation
Blood Separation Membranes

Advancements in blood separation research at mdi has resulted in a unique set of Red Blood Cell (RBC) separation materials which satisfy the long standing demands of the lateral flow diagnostic test manufacturing industry.

  Blood Separation Membranes
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              Type Description  
  • FR1(0.35)
  • FR1(0.6)
  • FR2(0.35)
  • FR2(0.7)
Type FR Blood Separators act as a sample pad and store the Red Blood Cells (RBCs). A separate conjugate release pad is required which is in direct contact with the NC membrane. The blood separation matrix does not touch the NC membrane.  
  • WFR1
This is a composite blood separation matrix comprising of a polyester matrix and a white matrix. The white matrix is attached at one end of polyester matrix with biochemically inert glue. The WFR1 is placed in place of a sample pad on the laminate in such a manner that the white matrix is in direct contact with NC membrane (see picture below). The conjugate is applied on the polyester matrix of the WFR1 just adjacent to the white matrix, as shown. No separate conjugate release pad is required.  



  • Eliminates the need for storage, centrifugation, or clotting of blood samples.
  • No technical expertise and lab equipment is required.
  • True one step method. No liquid buffer is required in the kit with type WFR1.
  • On the spot results in critical situations.
  • Results are reliable as intermixing of patient's sample is avoided.

  Blood Volume Requirement (µl) Type (Mode)
  With Buffer   FR1 (Mode 1) FR2 (Mode1)
Min. 5 µl 5 µl
Max. 60 µl 40 µl


    Type Format Quantity
    FR1 (0.35)/(0.6) Sheet, Strip/Roll Numbers/Meters
    FR2 (0.35)/(0.7) Sheet, Strip/Roll Numbers/Meters
    WFR1 Strip Numbers


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