Product Name : Stericheck Closed Sterility Test System

mdi Steripump: Automated Peristaltic Pump for
Stericheck Closed Sterility Test System


mdi Steripump is an automatic peristaltic pump system which is an integral part of the Stericheck: Closed Sterility Test System and is specially designed to aseptically transfer sterile liquids from their respective containers to the Stericheck canisters through a sterile tubing.

Steripump offers a specially designed software coupled with capacitive touch screen panel for convenient user friendly navigation and controls with the help of menu prompts. It has a manual as well as automatic operating mode and offers large storage space for virtually unlimited user SOPs which are fed directly into the onboard computer.

It has a compact design for preventing undesirable air turbulence in laminar flow hoods and can also be installed into isolators. Steripump incorporates a variable speed super efficient drive motor, pump head, sample holder and the Stericheck Canister Holder cum Drain Tray. The pump head has been specially designed for easy threading of the canister tubing and comes with a safety feature which automatically stops the pump in case it is opened while running.

  Cellulose Nitrate Membrane Disc Filter
Cellulose Nitrate Membrane Disc Filter
User Friendly Touch Screen
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Dimensions (Main Unit) 29cm L x 25cm W x 22cm H
Dimensions (Populated) 29cm L x 35cm W x 58cm H
Weight (Unpacked) 18 kg
Electrical Data (Main Unit)
Voltage 100-240V AC
Input Frequency 50 Hz
Power 60 watts
Electrical data (control panel)
Battery Pack 14.4V.4.5 AH
Power Backup 3 hours
Operating Range
Pump Speed 0-100
Ambient Temperature 15°-35°C
Relative Humidity 10-80 %
Report Printing
External Laser Printer with Wi-Fi Connectivity
Quality Management System ISO-9001:2008 Certified
Steripump SP 06 comes with full documentation which is easy to follow and qualify the equipemnt by user

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