Production Facilities

The requirements of the safe and efficient workplace with a controlled environment for high product quality are ensured by elegant and validated HVAC systems. The system also ensures appropriate pressures in different classified zones. For reliability and efficiency of operation, two-stage HEPA filters are used at the central location as well as at the endpoint locations in ISO Class 7 areas.

The entire building is controlled by a central computerized Building Management System which allows the cleanliness, pressure, RH and temperature parameters in all classified zones to be met with efficiency.

Large capacity purified water system has been installed to deliver water equivalent to 'Purified Water' as per USP. A recirculating loop distribution system ensures that critical parameters such as microbial content, pH and conductivity are well controlled. The system has been validated and continuous monitoring and trend analysis assure that quality standards are met.

The compressed air used in production areas is conditioned and filtered to meet the requirements of air entering into classified areas. The quality is regularly monitored.

A well-developed machine tool room provides the required engineering support for development of new machines for new processes as well as automation of existing ones. The engineering group also designs and develops the dies and molds for new plastic components.