We strive to develop efficient, innovative and affordable products to help our customers in industries like biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals and to create value that positively contributes to the world’s growth, prosperity and health. However, we are well aware of the environmental footprint that our products have. Thus we as an organization, make continuous efforts to reduce and compensate for the same by developing, creating and moving towards greener methods and systems.

Some of our basic initiatives include:

  • Moving towards complete and secure digitization with an objective to become a paperless organization. Our internally developed digital management system aims at getting rid of all the extensive paperwork involved in the internal interactions as well as documentation.
  • We encourage and implement the basic green etiquette by efficiently managing the power consumption and various resources to prevent unnecessary wastage during unproductive hours. We do our best to reduce the environmental footprint of our day to day activities.
  • Our firm belief in the importance of renewable alternative sources of energy has lead us in the direction of harnessing the sun. We have initiated the process of shifting 350kW of our energy requirements to efficient solar panels. We aim at shifting to renewable energy in the next few years.