Mr. Vivek Sheel Gupta


Mr. Vivek Sheel Gupta

Associate Director

Vivek Sheel Gupta is an Associate Director at mdi, where he heads Marketing and Tech Support departments. Vivek joined mdi early in his career (in 1994) and has been a pivotal part in the growth and success of mdi. With a strong foundation in marketing strategies and innovative thinking he has contributed to MDI’s ever-expanding product portfolio and market footprint.

He has been a part of mdi leadership team since 2012 and has been deeply involved in improving customer outreach, driving continual product improvement as well as strengthening quality management systems.

Vivek Sheel has vast experience in the use of microporous membrane filters in Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences. Vivek Sheel is a Biology Major with a Masters in Business Administration with specialisation in Marketing.

Published Paper and article:

Preuse/PostSterilization Integrity Testing (PUPSIT): To Do or Not to Do? (co-author)