• AseptiSure<sup>®</sup> TF 5", 10", 20", 30"

AseptiSure® TF 5", 10", 20", 30"

mdi Aseptisure® TF PTFE membrane cartridge filters are hydrophobic filters offering absolute retention. These filters are designed for sterilizing filtration of gases as well as aggressive solvents and liquids. the high quality of membrane and design of cartridge assures long life and ability to withstand adverse process conditions experienced during use.

These are also validated for other key performance parameters such as chemical compatibility, extractable, heat stability, flow rates, blow through and ability to withstand accidental reverse pressure. These are available in a variety of pore sizes to suit specific microfiltration needs in critical and specialized process applications for air as well as liquid.

  • Absolute retention 
  • High heat stability
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Heat sealed
  • No leaching
  • 100% Integrity tested
  • Total traceability : Unique identification number is laser etched on each filter
  • Each filter comes with an individual certificate of quality
Consistent and Reliable Quality:AseptiSure® cartridge filters are produced with ISO 9001-2008 certified quality management systems.
Regulatory Compliance:
Meet all pharmacopeial and compendia requirements and are registered with USFDA DMF #015554
Low Protein Binding:
Results in increased overall product yield and higher throughputs with biological streams
High Throughputs:
Translates to lower filtration costs, less number of filter changes and overall economy of operations.
Total Traceability
Unique identification number is laser etched on each other.
  • Fermentors venting and aeration
  • Sterile filtration of API and injectables
  • Sterile compressed air for pharma machineries
  • Sterile air for dry powder injectables filling
Membrane Hydrophobic PTFE
Final Filter Pore Size
0.2µm 0.45µm
Support Layers Polypropylene
Body and Core Polypropylene
Effective Filtration Area
3000cm² 6000cm² 12000cm² 18000cm²
5" 10" 20" 30"
Integrity Testing / Retention
Microbial Retention
Brevundimonas diminuta (ATCC 19146) per cm² Serratia marcescens (ATCC 14756) per cm²
Air Diffusion Flow (with 70% IPA Wetted)
< 45ml/min @ 16 psi (1.12Kg/cm²) < 45ml/min @ 8 psi (0.56Kg/cm²)
Max. Operating Temperature 80 °C @ < 2 Kg/cm² (30 psi)
Max. Differential Pressure 3.5 Kg/cm² (50 psi ) @ 25 °C
Reverse Pressure < 0.7 Kg/cm² (10psi) @ 25 °C
Sterilization Autoclavable/In-line steam sterilizable at 121 °C for 30minutes, 100 cycles @ ∆p=5 psi (0.3kg/cm²)
Toxicity Passes Bioreactivity test, In Vivo, as per USP <88> for Class VI plastics
Bacterial Endotoxin Aqueous extracts exhibit < 0.5 EU/ml as established by Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) Test
Bioburden Bioburden level is < 1000 cfu/filter device as per ISO 11737-1 : 2018
Non Fiber Releasing Passes test as per USP
Indirect Food Additive All Polypropylene components meet the FDA Indirect Food Additive requirements cited in 21 CFR 177.1520
Good Manufacturing Practice These products are manufactured in a facility which adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices.
Oxidizable Substances Within limits as specified in USP
Particle Shedding Passes USP test for particulates in injectables
Quality Management System ISO-9001 Certified
USFDA DMF No. 015554
AseptiSure® TF
5"** 53
10" 54
20" 55
30" 56
Pore Size
Pore Size
0.2µm 01
0.45µm 02
7P A0
7P without fin A1
28 with fin C0
'O' D0
Silicone SS
Viton SV
FEP Encapsulated Viton FV*
Non Sterile 1
Pack Size
Pack Size Code
1 01

*FV is available in Adapter Code A0 (7P) and A1 (7P without fin) only

**Size 5" is available in Adapter Code A0 (7P) and A1 (7P without fin) only

Example :

CPTF 56 01 A0 SS 1 01
Example for Non Sterile: CPTF5601A0SS101

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Certificate of Quality Download

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