Aseptic Fill and Finish

mdi with its wide range of filters with multilayered design, different pore size combinations and customized end connections offer high multitude of options backed by more than three decades of expertise in microfiltration, helps you at every stage of development and commercialization to speed up the movement of your biopharmaceutical product candidate into the pre-clinical, clinical setting or into the market.

mdi has a long experience in designing and developing filters for complex formulations including liposomes and nanoparticles, conjugates and adjuvants. Our application development team interacts closely with the process owners, to understand specific concerns and establish design specifications/requirements and consequently works with a highly qualified group of in house R&D experts to develop customized microfiltration solutions.

Final formulation and aseptic filling of the biopharmaceutical drug may involve a variety of steps such as:

  • Sterile filtration of buffers used for formulating a product concentrate
  • Sterile Filtration of adjuvants
  • Sterile filtration of drug formulation
  • Sterile filtration of air/gases
  • Sterile Venting

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Aseptic Fill and Finish