• M-Funnel<sup>®</sup> with pad

M-Funnel® with pad

mdi M-Funnel® is an easy to use, pre-sterilized, individually packed disposable filtration device, specially designed to help facilitate and speed up microbial analysis of water as well as product in pharmaceutical, beverages and food processing industries.
M-Funnel® has a convenient design with a detachable funnel and pluggable bottom for ease of sample collection and transfer to laboratory. It houses a 0.45μm Cellulose Nitrate membrane, grid marked for ease of colony counting.
After filtration, its cap and base can be used as a petri dish by directly adding culture media, and thus eliminating the chances of contamination during transfer of membrane and reducing costs.
These are available in two different sizes:
- 100ml
- 250ml

  • Water and product microbiology in pharmaceutical, beverages and processed food industry
  • Water microbiology for municipal water supply
Membrane Grid Marked Cellulose Nitrate
Pore size 0.45µm
Diameter 47mm
Funnel Polypropylene
Sterilization Pre-sterilized with EO
Water Flow Rate 200ml/min at 250mm Hg Vacuum
Bacterial Retention LRV > 7 for Sr. marcescens
Quality Management System ISO-9001 Certified
M-Funnel® with CN Membrane FMCN
M-Funnel® with PVDF Membrane FMVF
Size Code
47mm 09
Pore Size
Pore Size Code
0.45µm 02
100ml XX
250ml 01
EO Sterile 2
Pack Size
Pack Size Code
24 (100ml) 12
12 (250ml) 08

     Example :

FMCN 09 02 X P xx 2 12
Example for EO Sterile: FMCN0902XPXX212
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