• Flow Through Membrane

Flow Through Membrane

Immunofiltration Membranes

mdi Immunofiltration membranes are specially useful for making antibody detection tests and also for quantitative detection of proteins.

As with other membranes used in diagnostic assays, point to point uniformity and reproducibility from lot to lot are key requirements. This is particularly important when membranes act as support for quantitative assays.

mdi membrane type CNJ exhibits extraordinary point to point uniformity and reproducibility allowing production of high quality tests with a low coefficient of variation (CV) of the measured readings.

CLW-040, 0.3 µm/0.45μm/0.8 μmHIV 1 and 2, HCV, other antibody tests, Microbial detection kits
CNJ, 0.45μmQuantitative protein detection systems
Type Sheet Width (cm) Sheet Length (cm) Quantity
CLW-040 Please specify desired width Please specify desired length Please specify desired quantity


Example: Type CLW-040, 15 X 25 cm, 2000 Nos.
CLW-040 Type CLW-040 is cast on cellulose paper. It is very sturdy to handle and the paper makes good contact with the absorbent. Available in sheets and strips of desired size.
CNJType CNJ is internally reinforced NC with an extremely uniform plain surface, and good for quantitative reflectance measurement by instruments. Available in reels slit to desired width.
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The reaction kinetics of Ag/Ab is governed by the flow rate of the membrane and its pore size. Bigger pore size will show faster flow rate. Membrane with slower flow exhibits higher sensitivity of the assay whereas fast flow membrane will have less nonspecific binding and results in a quicker test.

CLW-040, 0.45 µm is an optimised membrane for visual assays whereas for quantitative assays, 0.45 µm CNJ membrane is offered.