• Aseptic Sampling Systems

Aseptic Sampling Systems

mdi ASESS are gamma irradiated single use disposable systems for aseptic fluid sampling at various stages in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processing. These systems minimize chances of false positives and reduce cleaning requirements over traditional sampling systems.

Aseptic sampling of:

  • Sterile bulk and sterile transfers
  • Vaccine formulations at different maturation steps
  • Fermentation cycles
Operating Pressure 5 psi
Steam in Place (Sanitary flange adaptor assembly) 125ºC for 30 min
Operating Temperature Range -20ºC to 60ºC
Materials of Construction
Needle 316L SS
Bag Film Multilayered Film type FBG-1
Tubing Thermoplastic Elastomer
Sterility Gamma Irradiated

Sampling Systems

Gamma Sterile ASESS Aseptic Sampling Systems with 2mm Needle

A044XXXXXXSS3015x100 mL sampling bags and 1x250 mL drain bag
A023XXXXXXSS30110x100 mL sampling bags and 2 x 250 mL drain bags
A028XXXXXXSS3011x100 mL sampling bag
A029XXXXXXSS3011x250 mL sampling bag

Gamma Sterile ASESS Aseptic Sampling Systems with 1mm Needle

A1359XXXXXSS3015x250 mL sampling bags and 1x250 mL drain bag
A1360XXXXXSS3011x100mL sampling bag


Sampling Port

ASPC25XXXXXXX0125mm sampling port connection for both 1mm or 2mm needle, single sampling port
ASPC5005XXXXX0150mm sampling port connection for both 1mm or 2mm needle, five sampling ports

Crimping Tool


CrimGard Crimped Tube Cover

CGCXXXXXXXXXX02 for pack size of 10

ASESS Port Blind

AASSBXXXXXXXX02 for pack size of 10


ASESS Aseptic Sampling Systems can be customized to suit user requirements regarding tubing sizes, sizes, sampling ports, and vessel port. The technical feasibility of the required design is established based on available components and an initial drawing is proposed. Products prototyping and final approval lead to customized system realization.

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Validated for:

  • Sterility as per USP <71>
  • Class VI Plastics as per USP <88>
  • Cytotoxicity as per USP <87>
  • Bacterial Endotoxin <0.25EU/ml
  • TOC as per USP <643>
  • Conductivity as per USP <645>