• AseptiVac<sup>®</sup> : The Ultimate Vacuum Filter 1000ml < 30 sec

AseptiVac® : The Ultimate Vacuum Filter 1000ml < 30 sec

mdi AseptiVac® are gamma sterile, ready to use disposable vacuum filtration devices with a unique pleated cartridge filter built into a cap which fits into the neck of the receiver. This design reduces the height of the system making it more stable.

The large area filter device with high flow, low protein binding polyethersulfone membrane,allows high speed filtration and enhanced throughput with even difficult to filter solutions in biopharmaceuticals and life science research labs.The conical shaped filter cartridge allows air bubbles to move away from the membrane,avoiding problems of membrane blockage.The hydrophobic vent in the filter body facilitates restart of filtration without air lock.

Saves time with high speed filtration: 1000 ml in < 30 Sec

Unique built in pleated PES cartridge filter

Sterile filtration of:

  • Buffers
  • Culture Media
  • Serum Solutions
  • Pure Sera

Materials of Construction
Filter Membrane Polyethersulfone
Filter Housing Polypropylene
Funnel Polystyrene
Bottle Polystyrene
Screw Cap Neck 45mm
Technical Specifications
Pore Size 0.1μm, 0.2μm and 0.45μm
Filtration Area 170 cm²
Funnel Capacity 450 ml
Hold up Volume < 5 ml
Available Receiver Bottle Capacity 500 ml, 1000 ml
Operating Conditions
Maximum Operating Temperature 45°C
Gamma Irradiation 25 kGy
100% Integrity Tested Each and every AseptiVac filter device is tested for integrity with a non destructive filter integrity test which is correlated with actual microbial retention
Bacterial Endotoxin The test filter extract, tested for endotoxins by the Kinetic -Turbidimetric Method with a sensitivity of 0.01 EU/ml, showed endotoxin levels of <0.25EU/ml.
Microbial Retention

AseptiVac filters are validated to deliver sterile effluents against high microbial challenge as per ASTM F838-05

0.1μm: LRV >7 for Acholeplasma laidlawii
0.2μm: LRV >7 for of Brevundimonas diminuta
Extractables AseptiVac vacuum filters exhibit very low extractables
Traceability Each lot is accompanied with a certificate of quality and the unique lot number ensures complete traceability.
Biosafety All materials of construction of AseptiVac filters were tested for Biological Reactivity mdi Tests, In Vivo for Class VI Plastics as per USP <88> and whole devices were tested for Biological Reactivity Tests, In Vitro for Cytotoxicity as per USP <87>.
AseptiVac® KS
170 cm² 41
Pore Size
0.1µm 36
0.2µm 01
With Funnel F
With Hose Barb Adaptor D
With Funnel and Hose Barb Adaptor Z
Receiver Bottle Size
500 mL 05
1000 mL 10
'No Froth' Tube
Yes T
No X
Gamma Sterile 3
Pack Size
12 08

     Example :

AKX7 41 01 F 10 T 3 08
  • AseptiVac® KL: Single layer vaccum filtration unit
  • AseptiVac® KS: Double layered serial vaccum filtration unit
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Certificate of Quality Download

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