• Harvester Funnel : Mini

Harvester Funnel : Mini

mdi Harvester Mini Funnel is a unique vacuum filtration device which allows direct clarification of upto 50 mL mammalian cell harvests or microbial lysates, doing away with time consuming centrifugation steps.

The special design with large filtration area in combination with convenient vacuum filtration, is ideal for multiple sampling from lab scale bioreactors/fermentors in biopharmaceutical R&D, to monitor the cell culture/fermentation process.

Patent Pending

  • 50 mL mammalian cell harvest clarification of 10-15 million cells/mL
  • Clarification of microbial lysates of upto 50 mL
Effective Filtration Area 60 cm²
Materials of Construction
Filter Membrane Multilayered Microglassfiber
Funnel Polypropylene

Non Sterile Harvester Mini FunnelsGamma Sterile Harvester Mini Funnels
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  • Multilayered progressively fine filter media for:
  • - High loading capacity for cells
    - High retention efficiency for cell fragments, organelles, colloids and lipids
  • Large filtration area for faster filtration
  • Minimum losses with low hold up volumes