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AACC 2015

Booth No. 4865
Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, GA



mdi Membrane Technologies INC.

(US Subsidary)


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gDNA from Blood/Tissue  
High Purity gDNA from blood and dried blood spots  
  Endotoxin Free Quanta Kits
Fastest pDNA Isolation in <30 Minutes
96 Well pDNA Miniprep Kit  
Ultrapure pDNA Isolation in <45 Minutes  





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Now mdi is ISO 13485 : 2003 Certified Company for Medical Device by   UL DQS Inc., USA.
Radiation Sterilizable
Single Use Capsule
Rapid Plasma Separation Device
Extract Plasma in <3  minutes
  What's NEW
 Steripump- SP06
 (Automatic Pump System)
ClariPro GK- 1", 2", 5", 8"
ClariPro GK- 10", 20", 30"
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