Corporate Social Responsibility

Building a legacy of Responsible Ownership

At MDI, we believe in the principle of trusteeship when it comes to ownership. We recognize that true ownership entails a responsibility to act as custodians, ensuring the well-being and sustainable growth of the resources entrusted to us.

This is reflected through our mission to make a significant contribution to the economic growth and prosperity of the society. We strive to foster an environment of transparency, integrity, and ethical conduct. We aim to go beyond mere profit generation, placing equal importance on social and environmental considerations. Through collaboration, innovation, and responsible practices, we strive to build a legacy of trust, sustainability, and shared prosperity.

Community Initiatives

MDI is dedicated to making a positive impact on society. It is part of our mission to make a significant contribution to the growth and prosperity of the society in order to create a better future for all. We believe every small step taken in the right direction brings us all closer to the change that we so ardently desire to see and become!

EDUCATION: By investing in education, we aspire to uplift lives, promote equal opportunities, and foster social equity. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality education, regardless of their socio-economic background. Our education initiatives include:
Pavitradham Rotary School For Hearing Impaired
Ambala College Of Engineering And Applied Research
Samanvit Shiksha Kendra (Integrated Education Center)

HEALTH: Access to proper healthcare is a fundamental right for all individuals, regardless of their socio-economic background. We strive to enhance healthcare infrastructure, improve medical facilities, and expand access to vital treatments and services.
Rotary Ambala Cancer And General Hospital

SOCIAL AWARENESS: Corruption poses a significant threat to social progress, economic development, and the well-being of communities. That is why we are committed to promoting a culture of accountability and fighting against corrupt practices in all forms.

Sustainable Practices

MDI understands the importance of sustainable practices and has taken concrete steps to align its operations with environmental responsibility. We make continuous efforts to adopt greener methods and systems in our day to day operations.

Some of MDI's sustainability initiatives include:
Zero Water Waste Policy
Rain Water Harvesting
Reliance on Solar Energy
Going Paperless
Green Etiquette
Clean Transportation

MDI CSR Committee

We have a dedicated CSR committee that plays a crucial role in driving our corporate social responsibility initiatives. The CSR committee takes charge of identifying and addressing key social and environmental issues that align with our values and mission. They guide our initiatives that benefit communities, promote environmental stewardship, and support causes that are close to our hearts.
MDI CSR Committee

We aim to create meaningful change by supporting education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and other social causes that contribute to the betterment of society.