Sustainable Development

Zero Water Waste Policy: We have implemented pro-waste water management strategies to minimise our ecological footprint. Instead of being wasted, water is redirected for other purposes, such as gardening and washrooms. This ensures that water resources are maximised and not unnecessarily depleted. Water obtained from sewage treatment is utilised for gardening, providing an additional source of water for plants and landscapes.

Rain Water Harvesting: In addition to our zero water waste policy, we have implemented a robust rainwater harvesting program. This program allows us to collect and store rainwater for future use. The collected rainwater is directed back into the ground, replenishing the water table and contributing to sustainable water management.

Reliance on Solar Energy: MDI has made a commitment to harnessing solar energy in an effort to help mitigate climate change. We have shifted 350kW of our energy requirements to highly efficient solar panels. Our long-term goal is to transition our energy consumption entirely to renewable sources within the next few years. Through the use of solar energy, MDI demonstrates its role as a responsible corporate citizen.

Going Paperless: Moving towards complete and secure digitization with an objective to become a paperless organisation. Our internally developed digital management system aims at getting rid of all the extensive paperwork involved in the internal interactions as well as documentation.

Green Etiquette: We encourage and implement the basic green etiquette by efficiently managing the power consumption and various resources to prevent unnecessary wastage during unproductive hours. We do our best to reduce the environmental footprint of our day to day activities.

Clean Transportation: We prioritise the use of clean transportation methods to reduce our environmental impact. We actively seek and employ transportation modes and vehicles that have a lower carbon footprint. This includes utilising electric vehicles on MDI campus