• Automatic Reagent Dispenser

Automatic Reagent Dispenser

The dispensing of reagents has never been so versatile and cost effective. The SS Programmable Dispenser Model PD-04-03 is a unique machine which will dispense precisely controlled antibody lines for one step rapid tests.

  • Fully automatic, user friendly operation
  • Programs can be added to the memory that makes process repeatability easy and accurate
  • Three delivery heads for printing  one, two or three lines
  • Digitally programmable belt speed
  • Precise dispensing with positive displacement syringe pumps
  • High production rates:  up to 600 laminates/hour (Approx. 75,000 tests/hour).
  • Programmable per cm reagent delivery
  • Very high throughputs
  • Blank laminates are detected photoelectrically
  • Manual calibration of needle functionality is also possible.
  • Printed laminates are removed from the other end of the belt
  • Self priming to eliminate entrapped air
  • Extremely uniform, reproducible, and crisp printed lines
  • Big size nozzle eliminates shear to avoid damage to proteins
  • No indentation even on the softest membrane
  • Modular construction 
Weight 36 Kg
Belt Speed 75 - 400 cm/min
Dispense Rate 0.4-3.0 μl/cm
Min. Line Width 0.3 mm
Min. Working Volume
800 μl (Dispense Mode)10 μl (Aspirate Mode)
220 V, 0.6 A, 50 Hz110 V, 1.2 A, 60 Hz
Dimensions. 78 x 41 x 36 cm (H)
Dead Volume
30 μl (Dispense Mode) 2 μl (Aspirate Mode)

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Automatic Programmable Dispenser Model

PD-04-03. Please specify the operating voltage.

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