• SCN: Pure Nitrocellulose Membrane

SCN: Pure Nitrocellulose Membrane

mdi Nitrocellulose binding membranes are uniform, paper thin, white plastic supports having specially designed porous structure and binding sites to suit the transfer, biological hybridization and protein immuno-blotting applications and similar sensitive detection systems.

mdi Nitrocellulose binding membranes are produced under controlled conditions through validated processes from pure nitrocellulose, without the use of any detergent, specially for life sciences applications. This imparts to the membrane high affinity for biomolecules, and low background characteristics.

  • High binding capacities of nucleic acid molecules and proteins
  • Minimum background: High signal to noise ratio
  • Uniform and easy wettability
  • Does not bind common protein stains
  • Compatible with colorimetric, radiolabelled, fluorescent, chemi-luminiscent and staining detection methods
  • Protein immuno-blotting
  • Dot and slot blots
  • Colony and plaque lifting and transfer
  • Enzyme immunoassays
  • Replica plating
Type Code
Diameter (Length X Breadth) Code
82mm Circles 13
90mm Circles 14
137mm Circles 20
142mm Circles 16
150mm x 150mm Sheets 87
200mm x 200mm Sheets 86
300mm x 300mm Sheets 85
300mm x 3 Meter Roll 84
Pore Size
Pore Size Code
0.2µm 01
0.45µm 02
Non Sterile 1
Pack Size
Pack Size Code
25 11
50 03
Roll 01

     All Circles are available in pack of 50

     All Sheets are available in pack of 25

     Example :

SCNX 84 01 XX XX 1 01

Protein binding capacities of SCN membranes with BSA.

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