Pre-loaded Customized Aseptic Sampling Systems vs Conventional Aseptic Sampling Systems

Aseptic closed single use sampling systems offer multiple advantages in terms of minimizing risk of:

  • Process Contamination
  • Loss of sample integrity and consistency
  • Environmental contamination
  • Operator safety in case of cytotoxic or other hazardous fluids

In addition, these single use disposable sampling systems minimize validation documentation related to cleaning and sterilization.

However, biopharmaceutical processes can extend up to many weeks and involve multiple sampling at different time points and also for different types of analysis/ tests such as cell density and viability, bioburden, endotoxins, sterility etc. Such processes require multiple sampling systems with different sampling containers such as bags, bottles, centrifugal tubes etc. The user requires a multipoint 5 port sampling port adapter to connect these to the bioreactor/ process vessel in order to accommodate such varied sampling needs.

MDI pre-loaded sampling systems with disposable sampling port cartridge adapter do away with the tedious, time-consuming assembly of ASESS sampling system ports in the cartridge and subsequently in the multiport adapters. This not only provides an easy, faster, ready-to-use sampling system which fits directly onto the vessel port but also does away with any cleaning validations associated with multipoint reusable sampling port adapters.

These preloaded sampling systems are available customized as per pre-approved drawings by the user.

MDI ASESS Aseptic Sampling Systems

  • ASESS: Aseptic Sampling Systems

MDI ASESS Aseptic Sampling System is designed for sampling biopharmaceuticals and other process fluids for analytical purposes such as:

  • Bio-burden
  • Endotoxin
  • Sterility Testing
  • pH Testing
  • Chemical Analysis

The Aseptic Closed Sampling Systems are used to achieve multiple sampling from sterile containers such as process vessels and bioreactors while complying with regulatory guidelines

Unique Features:

  • Closed system: Prevents extraneous contamination
  • Artifacts free clean system
  • Personnel safety from biohazardous and cytotoxic fluids
  • Cost advantage through customization
  • Easy and aseptic sampling for different tests

Asess sampling port is available with the following needles:


ASESS Aseptic Sampling Systems can be customized to suit user requirements regarding the number and type of sampling containers such as bags, bottles, and centrifugal tubes.

A technical feasibility of the required design is established based on available components and an initial drawing is proposed. Product prototyping and final approval leads to customized system realization.

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