Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research

With a view to making enormous opportunities available for the rural masses in technical education, ACE was established by our chairman, Dr. Jai Dev, a true social reformer in every sense. The institute began spreading the luminous light of scientific knowledge in the year 2002 with the help and direct involvement of “Shri Ram Swarup Memorial Trust” which includes the members of our top management team as its trustees. Our managing director and executive director lend their vast scientific and entrepreneurial experience to guide the students at ACE and inspire groundbreaking research in the field of science.

When Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research (ACE) was started, it was often said that applied research was not possible at the B.Tech level, especially in the new institutes. However, the vision of the founders was very clear that this is the need of the hour. A change in the direction of engineering education has to be brought about and is essential for the quality of engineers in the country to improve.

Engineering education at ACE focuses on a hands-on practical approach with guided and graded classroom instructions, interactive tutorial sessions, hands-on laboratory experience, interaction with successful entrepreneurs, and visiting faculty to equip the students with entrepreneurial focus and self-confidence to face the future and turn the problems into opportunities.

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