• Membrane Laminates

Membrane Laminates

Production of a lateral flow test requires the NC membrane and other materials to be attached to a plastic backing. mdi laminates or cards are such ready-to-use sub-assemblies of membrane, adhesive, and plastic. These are convenient to handle for application of reagents, and later cutting into dipsticks to make the complete test.

  • Allow immediate development and scale up for production
  • Can be custom designed to fit existing cassette or dipstick design
  • All components are proven and will not interfere with the immunoassays

To order a membrane laminate, please specify the membrane, laminate type, membrane pore size, and the dimensions A1, A2, W, X, and Y.

LLaminate with adhesive placed for sample pad, NC membrane, and absorbent pad
L2Laminate with NC membrane mounted on it and adhesive placed for sample pad and absorbent pad
L3Laminate with NC membrane and absorbent pad mounted on it and adhesive placed for sample pad
P25PVC plastic backing of 250 µm thickness
H50HIPS plastic backing of 500 µm thickness
Laminate Type L-P25
Laminate Type L-H50
Laminate Type CNP*-L2-P25
Laminate Type CNP*-L2-H50
Laminate Type CNP*-L3-P25
Laminate Type CNP*-L3-H50
PVC Laminate 250µm Thick
HIPS Laminate 500µm Thick
PVC Laminate with CNPC Membrane
HIPS Laminate with CNPC Membrane
PVC Laminate with CNPC Membrane and Absorbent Pad
HIPS Laminate with CNPC Membrane and Absorbent Pad

* Type of NC membrane. e.g. CNPC-SS12 etc


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mdi recommends storage of membrane laminates at 15 °C to 20 °C for longer shelf life. The membrane is inflammable when subjected to direct heat. The laminates should be kept away from heat radiators and direct sunlight and should not be allowed to lie in the open for long periods.