• Sample Pads

Sample Pads

mdi Glassfiber sample pad type GFB exhibits high absorption capacity and does not bind proteins. It forms the platform where sample/analyte is placed at the time of testing. The non-reactive and non-binding properties of glassfiber material allows steady and uniform flow of analyte and prevents nonspecific binding of sample components to the pad.

GFB pads are available in standard thickness of 0.35 µm and 0.60 µm in sheet /strip form.

Specially impregnated pads can be offered to meet specific needs and for difficult to filter samples such as stool, milk etc.

With minimal additives, allowing a user to include additives as per requirement
With buffers and detergents
Product Description
Type Thickness (mm) Strip/Reels Length Strip/Reels Width Quantity (Nos.)
GFB-R4 0.35 As per requirement As per requirement As per requirement
GFB-R7 0.6


GFB-R4 0.35 300 mm 20 mm __Nos.
  • GFB-R4
  • GFB-R7L
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