• Easypack Membrane Kit

Easypack Membrane Kit

This Kit consists of all materials necessary to make more than 2000 tests. Laminates of different pore size membranes, absorbent pads, sample pads, and release matrices are provided (details tabulated below) so that trials may be conducted for optimum results.

The Easypack Membrane Kit is offered in two variants:

  • Easypack Membrane Kit – Dipstick
  • Kit for Dipstick Development

  • Easypack Membrane Kit – Device
  • Kit for Device Development

To order for the kits, specify the name of kit and the quantity.

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ComponentEasypack Membrane Kit – DipstickEasypack Membrane Kit – Device
Membrane Laminates 8 laminates each of 8 different types of NC membranes
Plastic Backing500 μm HIPS Backing250 μm PVC Backing
Absorbent PadsAP-045 and AP-080, 27 x 260mm - 32 nos. eachAP-080 and AP-110, 21 x 260mm - 32 nos. each
Release MatrixPT-R5 and PT-R7 70 x 260 mm - 3 nos. eachPT-R5 and PT-R7 70 x 260 mm - 3 nos. each
Sample PadsGFB-R4 and GFB-R7L 24 x 260 mm - 32 nos. eachGFB-R4 and GFB-R7L 13 x 260 mm - 32 nos. each
Cover Tapes64 nos. sets---
Plastic Devices---Device-3 - 100 nos.