• Plastic Housing

Plastic Housing

Well designed snap-fit housing FT-12 with absorbent AP080 are available to make a complete Immunofiltration system. The device uses eight (8) AP080 pads and can hold sample volume up to 4 ml.

Prefilter funnel (PF-12) and flow director funnels (F5) to fit the housing are also available. Prefilter funnel (PF-12) can also be used with a RBC filter to directly run whole blood tests.

  • Immunochemically Inert Material of Construction
  • High Absorbance Capacity of Liquids
  • Molded Snap fit Housing Design
  • Funnel options: Flow Director Funnel (F5) and Prefilter Funnel (PF-12)
  • Flow through Immunodiagnostic Tests
  • Whole Blood Tests

Kindly specify the number of plastic housings required.

Additionally, the type of funnel required should also be mentioned.

FT-12 with PF-12Flow Through Device with Pre-Filter Funnel
FT-12 with F-5Flow Through Device with Flow Director Funnel
PF-12Pre-Filter Funnel
F-5Flow Director Funnel
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