Mobile Phase Filtration

Filtration of the mobile phase is required to remove particulate matter to prevent remove premature column choking as well as to minimize system down time due to plugging of fine valves and and tubing in sensitive equipment like LCMS, UPLC and HPLC. It also helps solvent degassing which may result in spurious peaks.

mdi offers a very wide range of high quality, certified mobile phase filtration systems suitable for different volume requirements depending upon the equipment as well as work load.

These systems are available with Nylon-66 membrane disc filters and devices for filtration of aqueous solution as well as organic solvents.

Capsule Filtration System for Solvents
AseptiVac NS : Vacuum Filter Unit for Glass Bottles
Nylon- 66 Membrane Disc Filter Type- HNN
AseptiCap NL/NS 1", 2", 5", 8"

AseptiCap NL/NS 1", 2", 5", 8"

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