• E-Funnel<sup>®</sup>


mdi E-Funnel® is an easy to use pre-sterilized, individually packed disposable filtration device, specially designed to help facilitate and speed up microbial analysis of antibiotics and drugs containing bacteriostats in pharmaceutical API and formulation industries.

E-Funnel® has a convenient design with a detachable 100 ml funnel and pluggable bottom for ease of sample collection and transfer to laboratory.

It houses a 0.45μm Edge Hydrophobic Cellulose Nitrate membrane, to improve sensitivity and reliability by ensuring complete flushing of the drug sample, which is critical during bioburden testing of antibiotics and drugs containing bacteriostats.

  • Ready to use
  • No sterilization required
  • No sample bottles
  • No re-usable stainless steel or polysulfone funnels
  • Minimum lab space
  • Minimizes chances of extraneous contamination
  • Product bioburden testing in pharmaceutical API manufacturing
  • Raw material bioburden testing in pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing
Membrane Edge Hydrophobic Cellulose Nitrate
Pore size 0.45µm
Diameter 47mm
Funnel Polypropylene
Sterilization Pre-sterilized with EO
Water Flow Rate 200ml/min at 250mm Hg Vacuum
Bacterial Retention LRV > 7 for Sr. marcescens
Quality Management System ISO-9001 Certified
E-Funnel® FMEN
Size Code
47mm 09
Pore Size
Pore Size Code
0.45µm 02
EO Sterile 2
Pack Size
Pack Size Code
24 12

     Example :

FMEN 09 02 XX XX 212
Example for EO Sterile: FMEN0902XXXX212
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