• FilterCheck 06 : Integrity Test Equipment

FilterCheck 06 : Integrity Test Equipment

mdi FilterCheck 06 is a 21 CFR compliant, automatic, compact microprocessor controlled integrity test equipment designed for integrity testing of membrane, cartridge and capsule filters.

This state of the art equipment combines the latest mass flow measurement technology with embedded intelligence systems to provide very high precision and accuracy.

It also includes additional intelligence in the form of an on board computer with capacitive touch screen and specially developed, user-friendly software with simple menu driven data input.

This makes the FilterCheck 06 an extremely easy-to-use integrity test system with an added advantage of a large memory to store programs and test results making it ideal for large volume production as well as multi-product processes.

The Filter Check 06 comes with a special printer with Wi-Fi connectivity for high quality hard copy printouts.

Filter Check Performs:

  • Bubble Point Test (BPT)
  • Diffusion Flow Test (DFT)
  • Water Intrusion Test (WIT)

Latest Technology for High Precision and Accuracy

  • Direct Mass Flow Measurement
  • Independent of Temperature and Pressure Variation
Compatibility with Sterile Processing Areas

  • Electropolished SS316L Surface
  • No Instrument Cooling Fan
  • Wireless and Paperless to minimize particle generation in sterile areas
Easy Portability

  • Smallest Integrity Tester on the market
  • Weight: 9kg
All types of Integrity tests

  • For Hydrophilic as well as Hydrophobic Filters 
  • Option for Quick Test for Higher Productivity
21 CFR part 11 Compliance for Data Reliability and Security 

  • Three Access levels with Password Security
  • System Audit Trail
  • Online repository
  • FilterCheck 06 web view
Self Test

  • Internal communication check
  • Inlet pressure check
  • Pressure verification check
  • Internal leakage check
Self Diagnosis

  • Internal Leakages
  • External Leakages to ensure Test Filter Connectivity
Shows Real Time Test Status

  • Graphical representation of test results
  • PDF report generation
Large Storage Space >10GB for

  • Test Templates
  • Test Reports
Inbuilt Equipment Safety with separateHydrophobic Filters for

  • Entrained moisture in Inlet Air
  • Inadvertent back flow of test fluids 

Stainless steel body SS316L
Dimension (Main test Unit) 35 x 32 x 12 cm
Weight 9Kg
Voltage 100-240V AC
Input Frequency 50Hz
Power 75W
Battery Pack 14.4 V, 4.5 AH
Capacitive Touchscreen 7"
Fuse 4A
Battery Charger (Inbuilt) Yes
Power Backup 3 hours
External Wireless Printer Yes
Charging time 2 hours
Operating System
Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2
Operating Range
Maximum Inlet Pressure 100 psi
Relative Humidity 10 - 80%
Storage Temperature 5° - 35°C
Operating Temperature 8° - 30°C
Measuring Range
Diffusion Flow 0.2 - 100 ml/min
Bubble Point 15 - 80 psi
Water Intrusion Rate 0.03 - 10 ml/min
Diffusion Flow + 5% or 1ml whichever is greater
Bubble point + 0.7 psi
Water Intrusion Rate + 5% or 0.02ml whichever is greater
Support Documents
Certificate of Quality Yes
Calibration Report Yes
Installation Qualification Yes
OQ (Test Equipment) Yes
OQ (Application Software) Yes
Performance Qualification Yes

Please specify the model number :

  • FilterCheck 06

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FilterCheck 06 uses a completely validated 21 CFR compliant software.

The pressure and mass flow sensors are calibrated with instruments traceable to national reference standards.

Each instrument is subjected to extensive functional testing with filters covering the entire size range to establish the precision.

  • FilterCheck 06 Main Integrity Test Unit

        Outlet tubing connections with:

  • SS Quick connector to connect to the main test unit and 1.5" TC connector to connect to the test filter inlet
  • SS Quick connector to connect to the main test unit and Staubli Female (RBE03) connector to connect to the test filter housing inlet
  • Laser Printer with in-built Wi-Fi router
  • Power cord