FilterMax™ : Filter Sizing & Selection Test Kit

mdi FilterMax™ equipment facilitates precise calculation of filter size and helps in selecting the most suitable filtration train (Pre-filter - Final filter Combination) for a process fluid. It is a latest cutting-edge technology equipment which is flexible and compact in design and gives reliable results with great ease.

It effectively addresses filter selection and sizing, a key concern for managers in formulation and process development labs and manufacturing processes in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

mdi FilterMax™ uses specially designed software application in combination with compact table top hardware assembly to carry out sample filtration through membranes or pre-fabricated devices. Wireless and automatic recording of flow decay at constant pressure at a specified Interval is done in a Tablet computer. It automatically calculates the filter size keeping into consideration various process parameters such as batch volume, batch time and minimum acceptable flow rates. The results thus obtained can be used to select the most suitable filtration train with maximum throughput.

Hardware Features

  • Compact design facilitates usage in enclosed work spaces such as LAF and negative pressure fume hoods (for hazardous fluids) and saves valuable laboratory shelf space.

Software Features

  • Simple and easy to use with touch screen interface.
  • Structured menu based User interface.
  • Multiple test modes including an Intuitive “Auto mode” taking care of pore plug mechanism and flow decay parameter minimizing the expertise required for users.
  • Wireless transmission of data from weighing scale to tablet computer makes it convenient to use and provides flexibility to move around.
  • Automatically calculates throughput of test filter, and the filtration area required to filter the desired volumes.

Filter Selection Kit

mdi offers a specially designed filter selection kit for users in formulation and process development labs in the pharmaceutical and bio pharmaceutical industries.

It offers five or ten different types of 50mm inline filters ranging from 0.2 µm sterilizing grade filters of different membrane material of construction (MOC). 

  • For selection of most efficient filtration train and most effective combination of serial filtration layers at R&D and process development stage.
  • To calculate the most optimum filter size for a process fluid fulfilling the desired process parameters.
  • Improving existing filtration systems for better economies and increased throughput.
  • To test the filterability of incoming raw materials to ensure desired throughputs from established filtration systems.

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FilterMax™ Datasheet
Filter Selection Kit DatasheetDownload

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  • 3 Liter, SS 316L Pressure Vessel with gauge
  • Table Top Compressor Pump
  • 3 kg Weighing balance with wireless connectivity
  • 7" Handheld Tablet Computer with preloaded FilterMax™ Application Software
  • Complete assembly components such as tubing, clamps and ON/OFF valve