• Steridisc Dispenser

Steridisc Dispenser

mdi Steridisc Dispenser is an advanced, tabletop instrument for dispensing individually packed membrane disc filters from the pre-sterilized reels.
This all-new fully automatic dispenser with electronic control is very easy to operate. The push-button system makes disc handling very convenient for the user. It delivers a single sterile membrane and simultaneously wraps the peeled-off protective packaging.
The stainless steel clips hold the free end of the packaging material (paper on one side and the plastic film on the other side), while releasing the membrane disc filter, absolutely untouched by hand.
A special feature of the Steridisc Dispenser is operation by foot paddle, which allows totally hands free operation for the microbiologist.

  • Automatic single unit dispensing
  • Less handling time
  • No accidental contamination
  • Easy loading of membrane roll
  • Small and portable
  • Push-button or foot paddle operated dispensing
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Equipment Casing Epoxy coated aluminum
Rollers Plastic and stainless steel
Dimension 300mm H X 250mm W X 220mm D
Weight 6.5Kg
Valve SS Ball Valve
Voltage 220 V AC
Frequency 50 Hz
Power Consumption 36 Watts
Dispensing Speed ~0.5 second per disc
Storage It is recommended to be stored in a clean environment at 10° to 40° C.
Quality Management System ISO-9001 Certified
mdi Steridisc Dispenser Model -SD01
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