• BioKart™ SS Trolley

BioKart™ SS Trolley

mdi BioKart™ is a specially designed stainless steel trolley with adjustable holder stand for 2D single use bags. These can hold 5L - 20L AseptiBag Gold 2D bag assemblies and are fully adjustable to a maximum height of 72 inches. The trolley has separate capsule filter holder to hold MDI largecapsule filters of different sizes.

These trolleys support storage bag assemblies placed on the head and hang down from a stainless steel hook. The bottom of the trolley incorporates an twin compartment acrylic tray for holding accessories, bottles and tubing etc.

The trolley is equipped with two front locking wheels for safety, when not in motion. BioKart™ trolleys are made from high quality stainless steel construction which are easy to clean and disinfect. The mirror polished contact surface is smooth to ensure safety of the bags.

  • Ergonomic access
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction
  • Enhanced mobility with strong wheels
  • Lockable wheels for safety
  • Convenient hanging
  • Adjustable height to hand up to 20 liter bags
  • Twin compartment for segregated storage
  • Added level of convenience and security for deployment of bags and capsules for pre-use integrity testing procedures
  • Convenient hanging of bags and capsules through secured clamps
Materials of Construction
Trolley SS316L
Tray Acryclic
Height 179 cm
Length 62.5 cm
Width 46 cm

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