• BioMixer™ MI

BioMixer™ MI

MDI BioMixer™ MI stainless steel mixer systems along with AseptiMix MI 3D mixer bags provide validated and reliable mixing solutions for biopharmaceutical process requirements such as mixing of media, process intermediates, sterile buffers with wide ranging pH, and formulations.

These systems are well designed to provide efficient mixing of even difficult to mix, high concentration, clump forming components.

BioMixer™ MI is a stand alone mixing system which includes a stainless steel tote for the AseptiMix MI mixer bag and a trolley which is prefitted with load cells and a motorized magnetic drive. This makes it an easy to use, user friendly system, where in the mixer bag easily fits on the motorized magnetic drive without any need for alignment.

The stand mounted capacitive touch screen display provides easy control through a user friendly software which helps control mixing speed as well as time.

  • Control panel with capacitive touch screen display
  • User friendly 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Software
  • Easy alignment of AseptiMix MI Mixer Bag impeller with motor drive
  • Additional Inflate Bag option: Does away with Mixer Bag manual alignment
  • Powder Port Holder for Easy powder bag fitment
  • Calibrated load cells
Dimensions100 L Mixers200 L Mixers650 L Mixers
Length109 cm118 cm152 cm
Width77 cm88 cm118 cm
Height85 cm88 cm130 cm

Materials of Construction
Mixer Vessel 304 L Stainless Steel
Surface Finish Mirror Polished
650 L Mixers6 inch Polyurethane (PU)
200 L Mixers4 inch Polyurethane (PU)
100 L Mixers4 inch Polyurethane (PU)

Power Specifications
Voltage 220V AC
Current 1.4 A
Frequency 0-50 Hz
Motor Power 0.55 kW
Impeller Range
650 L Mixers5-350 rpm
200 L Mixers5-250 rpm
100 L Mixers5-250 rpm

Load Cells
Capacity 800 kg
Least Count
650 L Mixers0.4kg
200 L Mixers0.06kg
100 L Mixers0.06kg

Control Panel
Type Capacitive Touch Screen
Size 10”
Storage Space 16 GB
CapacityCatalog No.
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