AseptiBag™ ULO+ 2D Single Use Systems for Storage and Transfer of Light Sensitive Fluids

Many biopharmaceutical drug substance/products, process intermediates and chemically defined media (for mammalian cell culture) are light sensitive.

Exposure of light sensitive drugs to UV or visible light, may result in degradation of drug molecules that may impact patient safety. In case of light sensitive media, degradation of vital ingredients such as vitamins can reduce process efficiencies in mammalian cell expression systems.*

AseptiBag™ ULO+ are designed to protect light sensitive fluids with a unique layer for minimizing UV and light transmission.

AseptiBag™ ULO+ are made from mdi AseptiFlex™-T Film which is a highly inert, multilayered polyethylene film specially designed for bioprocess applications. The UV and light obstructing layer, co-extruded with the outer barrier layer and the ULDPE fluid contact layer, minimizes transmission of light within the wavelength range of 200 nm to 780 nm.

These bags have been tested for transmittance of UV (200nm – 400 nm) as well as visible light (400nm-780nm) using a spectrophotometer with a wavelength accuracy of + 0.1nm.

The table shows a comparison between transmittance of UV and visible light with standard AseptiBag™ and AseptiBag™ ULO+.

Bag TypeAseptiBag™AseptiBag™ ULO+
Transmittance (%)
UV Light<250nm> 4 %0.08 %
250 nm – 400 nm> 46 %
Visible Light400 nm – 780 nm)> 70 %0.008%

*Media photo-degradation in pharmaceutical biotechnology – impact of ambient light on media quality, cell physiology, and IgG production in CHO cultures

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