Single Use Final Fill Systems to meet stringent regulatory requirements

MDI Single Use filling lines are customized to suit new as well as existing fill and finish systems. These are designed to comply with regulatory requirements such as “Final sterile filtration should be carried out as close as possible to the filling point” and “The integrity of the sterilized filter should be verified before use and should be confirmed immediately after use by an appropriate method such as a bubble point, diffusive flow or pressure hold test” (European Union Current Good Manufacturing Practices).

MDI disposable single-use final fill assemblies ensure:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Product and operator safety
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • No cleaning validation
  • Increased flexibility and productivity

Disposable Filling Lines for Isolator/RABS

These ready-to-use gamma sterilized filling lines are also available housed within a specially designed bag with a Beta Port for transfer into and out of an Isolator or RABS.

These assemblies are pre-validated, pre-assembled, pre-sterilized systems with bags, tubings, connectors, filters, and filling needles, placed inside a beta port bag for easy and secure insertion and removal around the aseptic filling system.

The beta port bags come with a special port which connects the sterilizing filters with the filling lines, making it convenient for the user to conduct PUPSIT (Pre-Use Post Sterilization Integrity Testing)

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MDI AseptiMix VC Vented Mixer Assemblies

MDI AseptiMix VC are gamma sterilized vented mixer assemblies, suitable for mixing, safe transfer, and storage of biopharmaceutical products and reagents.

The assembly does not require any additional hardware and can directly be placed on a magnetic mixer for mixing with a stir bar placed inside.

The PVDF stir bar inside the mixer assembly has wide chemical compatibility and it ensures the proper mixing of solution without any particle shedding.

These assemblies are fitted with a self-supporting lightweight, sterilizing grade 0.2μm PVDF vent filter to prevent ingress of microorganisms during filling and removal of high-value products.

These assemblies are available with capacities of 10 liters and 20 liters.


  • Mixing, storage, and transfer of cell culture media and buffers


MDI Vented Bottle assemblies can be customized to suit user requirements in terms of tubing, fittings, end connections, and connectors.