COVID-19 Virus Diagnostics

COVID-19, causing current pandemic is a RNA virus with a single stranded RNA (ss RNA) in a protein envelop called capsid. One of the most reliable diagnostic test for COVID-19 is the Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (q-PCR) test. This test involves collecting a nasal and a throat swab from the patient, transportation of the sample, extraction of ss RNA from the virus particle present in the patient sample and finally amplification of target viral genes by quantitative PCR.

The ss RNAis isolated using the viral RNAextraction kit. The viral RNAextraction kit is a critical component of the entire COVID-19 diagnostic process, as a failure to isolate viral RNA, specially in samples with low virulence (low copy numbers), can result in false negatives.

mdi Viral RNA Extraction Kit is designed and validated to provide reliable and reproducible sample preparation with very low to high virus copy number patient samples, thereby mitigating the risk of false negatives. It is a fast and efficient system to isolate viral RNA with easy to use 10 minutes user protocol.

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