Single Use Filling Needles: Simplifying Filling of Small Volume Parenterals

A number of steps in the Biopharmaceutical manufacturing are increasingly moving towards disposable technology approaches, to enhance operational flexibility and to reduce capital investments in equipment.

MDI is striving to provide promising single-use alternatives in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes with its high level of application specific customization. Working on the same tangent MDI has developed a new single use product – Disposable filling needles.

The MDI single use filling needle offers ready to use and completely disposable filling solutions. It obviates the cost and resources required for filling needle cleaning verification and validation. It increases available operator time and decreases down time of filling machines and associated equipments. Some of the unique performance advantages are :

  • No drip formation, cavitation, or bubble formation during filling
  • Accurate and reproducible dose volumes
  • Accurate dosing for different surface tensions, densities, and viscosities
  • Two different internal diameters to facilitate different fill volumes
  • Facilitates easy integration in filling line/systems with female luer/hose barb connection

MDI also offers customized needles for specific process needs. Please contact for your special needs.

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