MDI Launches Aseptivac New Vacuum Filtration unit with Expanded Filter Capacity

MDI has created an innovative new product called Aseptivac.  We all have used vacuum filtration units to quickly filter a liter of buffer in the lab – but what happens when you have a difficult to filter solution, or the media is plugging the filter?

Filtration capacity has always been a limitation with vacuum bottle filtration as they are using disc filters for most vaccum bottle filtration units – around 40 cm² typically.  The engineers at MDI figured out a way to weld a 1 inch capsule into the bottle cap allowing for a 170 cm² pleated capsule device to be integrated into the bottle.  This allows for greatly expanded capacity, higher flow rate and overall better performance with bottle filtration.  I have had customers use the Aseptivac product for cell harvest and difficult to filter medias and had very positive feedback regarding performance.  This is a great new product from MDI that shows their capability to find innovative solutions for filtration in the lab and manufacturing setting.


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